Music Vision Award, Sibylla Augusta Preis, SPH: Some great news ahead!

August 31, 2020

Finally some good news in this troubled times with corona:

We were able to participate in two band contests in Leipzig, Germany.

After a great online voting beforehand, the Music Vision Award 2020 came to an end for us in the semi-finals because of the - at least for us - very unfortunate live voting system. Every audience member had just one vote. So the local bands had a major benefit as more of their fans we're able to come. But without your help in the online voting we wouldn't have been able to perform in the first place - so many thanks going out to you guys for your great support!!

All the better was the Sibylla Augusta Preis: We succeeded against 5 other bands and are now in the finals! Stay tuned for the date and location is to be anounced!

And last but not least: SPH is postponed again. The regio final will now take place at Quax Munich on Mai 15, 2021. Feel free to contact us for tickets!