Untamed signs contract with Hicktown Records

May 24, 2021

Rockstars in the making: The next big milestone from Untamed!

We're signing a label deal for the upcoming album with Hicktown Records.

We've known it for months and are so happy to be able to finally announce it.

At May 24 the pre-production for our album at "Reinis" studio took place.

The real recording will start this September and the final album will be released in late summer / autumn 2022 - but there will be plenty of information soon.

We are super happy and looking forward to work with Reini and Hicktown Records!

2nd place in the Sybilla Augusta Preis Leipzig

October 31, 2020

Today it finally happened: The finale of the Sybilla Augusta Preis in Leipzig. And we ROCKED!!

Sadly we only got 2nd place with only 1 point difference to the winning band (36 participants in total).

Nevertheless, we are very happy about the prize money, which will help us a lot with our big upcoming plans in the future!

But what has us really excited was the incredible feedback from the judges and especially the spectators. That did damn well and showed us that all the hard work is definately worth it!

Many thanks to everyone who cheered and supported us on site or from home!

We're in the finals! Amper Slam Band Battle 2020

October 16, 2020

We made it!

After an exciting online voting and of course YOUR support, we're now standing in the finals of the Amper Slam Band Battle 2020!

It's currently planned for December 5, 2020.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for upcoming information!

Amper Slam Band Battle and STARK!STROM Review

October 08, 2020

A new gig ahead!

We are playing in the Amper Slam Band Battle in Fürstenfeldbruck at October 09, 2020! Unfortunately it's only a "Streaming Edition" because of corona.

BUT that also means that all of you can join us via the Twitch livestream!

It's available here:

We're playing at 20:45 so please support us there!

And - because it's a band battle - you can support us further by voting for us at! The full show will be available on YouTube as of October 11, 2020!

For more information have a look here:

And last but not least: We got a review in the STARK!STROM magazine! If you'd like to read it: READ MORE

Music Vision Award, Sibylla Augusta Preis, SPH: Some great news ahead!

August 31, 2020

Finally some good news in this troubled times with corona:

We were able to participate in two band contests in Leipzig, Germany.

After a great online voting beforehand, the Music Vision Award 2020 came to an end for us in the semi-finals because of the - at least for us - very unfortunate live voting system. Every audience member had just one vote. So the local bands had a major benefit as more of their fans we're able to come. But without your help in the online voting we wouldn't have been able to perform in the first place - so many thanks going out to you guys for your great support!!

All the better was the Sibylla Augusta Preis: We succeeded against 5 other bands and are now in the finals! Stay tuned for the date and location is to be anounced!

And last but not least: SPH is postponed again. The regio final will now take place at Quax Munich on Mai 15, 2021. Feel free to contact us for tickets!

Interview with JM Rock Radio

June 10, 2020

A special day for us was Friday, June 05. We had our first official interview with Joe from JM Rock Radio! For those who weren't able to hear it live, we have uploaded the recording at SoundCloud.

And listen closely: Much information about our coming plans have been revealed!

It's radio time!

May 28, 2020

We cannot believe it: You can hear our music in the radio now!

Current airplays are Rock Live Radio, Uni-Vox Bamberg and especially Kanal C and JM Rock Radio!

Kanal C is the radio station of the university of Augsburg, broadcasting every monday 21:50 on 93,4 FM (frequency of local radio station Radio Fantasy). Our song "Can You Hear Me" is part of their main playlist. And we will also take part in their newest show in which they're promoting local bands - thanks for that!

JM Rock Radio is a web radio not only playing newcomer songs, but also supporting the artists. For example by making interviews which we will soon have one there! They're broadcasting 24/7 on their web player here and have a liveshow at wednesday evening.

So turn on the radio to support us and the stations!


April 02, 2020

Finally...the time has come!

After a lot of great work in the studio we're more than excited to announce the release of our EP on April 17!

Our music will be available in all of the major stores, including: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer and many more!

You will also be able to hear the songs on our YouTube Channel and SoundCloud. Links will be available with the release.

We's hard to wait for something when you're looking forward to it. As a taste you can watch our videos on Facebook and Instagram. Or have a look of the studio at our PHOTOS page!


March 19, 2020

As you already know, we reached the city finals of the SPH MUSIC MASTERS!

And finally we can inform you about date and location:

The city finals will take place in the MatriX Königsbrunn at July 4 this year.

For further information go to DATES. For tickets just CONTACT US.

We know we can count on your fantastic support again!



February 17, 2020

The preliminary round is over and thanks to your support UNTAMED reached the 2nd place!

This qualifies us for the next round: The city final.

Date and location will be announced later as SPH has match us with other bands for the contest first.

However you can already save your ticket now! Just CONTACT US for more details.

We know that we can count on your stunning support again!


January 25, 2020

We are thrilled!

Beginning of this year we will hit the studio and record our first ever EP! Are you looking for roaring guitars, growling bass, blistering drums and face-melting vocals?

Then stay tuned for the release of a record featuring all of this!

UNTAMED participate in the SPH MUSIC MASTERS

January 7, 2020

We're happy to announce that we will be part of the SPH MUSIC MASTERS powered by SHURE in mid February.

If you want to see us competing live on stage against other great bands feel free to CONTACT US for tickets.